Mayor Calls For Action On Derelict Houses In Tralee

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Mayor Terry O’Brien.

THE Mayor of Tralee has repeated his request that Kerry County Council do something about derelict houses in town.

Mayor Terry O’Brien asked the Council at yesterday’s meeting of Tralee Municipal District councillors to immediately look at the derelict house register and examine the number of houses that have been on this register for the longest time and continue to deteriorate.

He referred to houses in certain areas of town which were an eyesore and a health hazard. The Labour councillor said the situation had gone on for years and a Compulsory Purchase Order needed to be made in relation to them.

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In reply, Council management said there were 31 properties on the Derelict Sites Register for the Tralee MD on December 31, 2019 and this has been reduced 26 in six months to the end of June.

They stated: “Our Derelict Sites Officer is very proactive in dealing with such issues. A review will be carried out in respect of the properties that have been on the Register the longest. We are not in a position to establish owners for a number of them as they are unregistered. In most of these cases all avenues have been exhausted and the only option would be to CPO the properties. In our recent URDF Application, provision was made for the acquisition of a number of these properties. We fully acknowledge the impact that these derelict properties have on our towns and villages and efforts will continue to address them.”

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