Mercy Mounthawk Hosts ‘A Polish Christmas’ As Part Of Inter-Cultural Programme

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Monika Mikotajczuk and Katarzyna Sas with Jakub Mikotajczuk and Wansesa Sas who were doing the cooking at ‘A Polish Christmas’ on Thursday evening. Photo by Dermot Crean

MERCY Mounthawk Parents’ Council hosted a ‘A Polish Christmas’ in a home economics room at the school on Thursday night.

Guests were treated to traditional Polish recipes from two parents Monika Mikotajczuk and Katarzyna Sas with the help of Monika’s son Jakub and Katarzyna’s  daughter Wanesa.

Those present also learnt of the customs and traditions in Poland at Christmas time as well as sampling the delicious food. It’s all part of an Intercultural Programme taking place in this academic year 2019/2020.

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Over the coming months in the school, parents from different cultures within the school community will host a series of cookery demonstrations and tastings for the other parents/guardians.

During the coming months there will be a Nigerian, Syrian, Pakistani and Irish cookery demonstrations in the Home Economics room so that traditional dishes can be cooked in front of the audience who can then sample the foods.

The programme will culminate in an Intercultural Evening within the school. The project is funded by the Communities Integration Fund.

“The events are designed to provide a welcoming environment for parents and guardians from all cultures, and opportunities for us to mingle and get to know each other through a shared interest in food,” said Rachel Fitzgerald, Chairperson of Mercy Mounthawk Parents’ Council.

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