Michelle’s Running Challenge Fundraiser To Remember Conor

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Michelle Greaney of MG Coaching with Martin O’Sullivan (Centre Manager) and Con O’Connor (Fundraising Co-ordinator) of Pieta House Tralee launching the challenge in memory of Conor Cusack.

A TRALEE woman is hosting a fundraiser in memory of a friend who passed away last week, which encourages people to get moving to help their mental health.

Conor Cusack from The Kerries was a popular member of the local Born To Run Club and an avid runner who completed over 100 marathons. His passing shocked and saddened people from Tralee and far beyond.

Conor Cusack.

Michelle Greaney of MG Coaching, was a friend of Conor’s and decided to organise the ’10 Miles A Day For 10 Days’ (or ‘5km a Day for 10 Days’) Challenge in his memory.

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The challenge is simple — starting this Thursday, June 25, you are asked to run 10 miles, or run/walk 5k, every day until July 4, with participants encouraged to make a donation to Pieta House.

“Every cent goes directly to Pieta house who do absolutely amazing work for mental health by providing hope, showing support, compassion and kindness to every individual case,” said Michelle.

“Our mental health is just as important as physical health and supporting this fundraiser will help to ensure their services can be available for free to those who are facing their darkest of days.

No human being is exempt from the dire consequences of loneliness. One of the greatest gifts we can give another human being is the gift of our full attention. There is the social aspect – and the logistics of running with friends while side-by-side, eyes ahead, may encourage more open conversation,” said Michelle.

“Exercise stimulates positive endorphins and provides a crucial mood boost, it brings about a huge sense of accomplishment. Running is therapy for a lot of people by way of relieving stress and anxiety, fighting depression, ditching bad habits and really living a somewhat happier and more fulfilled life,” she said.

The challenge welcome people of all abilities, from beginners to experienced runners and remember you can also walk it. For more, see the ‘Just Giving’ donation page by clicking here or go to the facebook event page for more details.

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