Mommy Moments: When Baby Arrives It’s Okay To Feel Overwhelmed

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It’s ok to ask for help when the little superstar arrives in your house says Jennifer Kissane…

Having a baby is a life changing experience. A baby, despite being so very small demands a huge amount of time and energy and is completely dependent on you.

The early days when baby first arrives – particularly if you are a first time mommy and learning it all yourself – will seem like a complete blur.

It may well seem like constant changing, feeding, sleep, repeat, with probably a few more changes of clothes thrown in there.

All focus may seem on the baby, but somewhere in the madness, you must try to think of you again and look after yourself.

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You might not have a lot of energy after giving birth to a baby, your body is recovering and baby needs you 24/7.

Looking after your body and mind is important. Little things like taking a shower or a bath (you might not even remember when you had one last), having a nap with baby nap’s (sounds like a clich√© but the world won’t end if you leave laundry to take a nap), going for a 15 minute walk outside even or even sit outside in the garden, listen to music or whatever it takes to revitalise your body and mind everyday if you can.

It’s very easy to get caught up in being a mom, am I feeding the baby enough?, Did I burp baby enough?¬†Having a lot of questions, worries and doubts.

It can be overwhelming if you let it. No-one expects you to look picture perfect when they come to visit, no-one expects the house to be immaculate and that you have fabulous tea ready to entertain.

You will be exhausted, you will probably live in your PJs, your hair will probably be stuck to your head and there will be more laundry than you ever thought humanly possible and you will probably have eaten all the biscuits that were meant for the visitors so they will have none; but guess what, that is perfectly normal!

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After all you have grown and given birth to a tiny person and you are pretty much a superstar in your house right now.

So when the visitors call to visit and they will. It’s OK to get a helping hand with the baby to take a little time for you.

It’s OK to need help. Point them to the kettle and go for a shower/bath/nap or outside for a walk to even get outside the four walls.

Your partner, family and friends will only be too delighted to do something for you and get some baby cuddles!

You are not neglecting the baby, you are simply recharging and re-energising to be the best you can be.

Enjoy every moment #mommymoments

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