Mommy Moments: A Baby’s First Christmas Brings Joy To Everyone

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Our new columnist, Jennifer Kissane, explores the everyday experiences of motherhood.  Here she writes about Christmas with a six month old baby in the house…

Jennifer Kissane and little Fionn.

As I write this, reflecting on our baby’s first Christmas,  I have come to the conclusion that parents get this one Christmas as a little gift to prepare them for the next 10 years or so.

From now on the crack-of-dawn wake-ups, elf on the shelf gymnastics, toy assembling, battery searching, refusing to eat breakfast unless laced with chocolate, that will undoubtedly prevail!

Santa arrived laden with toys and clothes. Fionn,  oblivious to all the happenings, was helped by his big brother 13-year old Jordan and Daddy with opening presents at a very respectable 8:30am.

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Dressed in a little Santa suit, Fionn happily sat surrounded by wrapping paper, trying to put it in his mouth, while Mommy photographed it all.

By ‘it all’, I mean the attempted paper-eating as Fionn was in no way interested in any of the gifts that were shown to him.

He sat like a king on a throne of wrapping paper on the sofa! (I made a mental note to buy him a roll of wrapping paper next year…and scrap the educational toys idea).

After a snooze – the baby, not Mommy – and an outfit change (Mommy, not baby, due to baby spitting up), we were all set for Christmas dinner and at my parents’ house and then to my sister in law’s after.

Fionn’s feet literally did not touch the ground,  spending the day up in everyone’s arms – aunties,  uncles, grandparents and godparents – bundled, hugged, kissed,  dressed up and photographed by his adoring relatives.

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The whole focus is on the baby, which gives Mommy a little break (it is Christmas for Mommy too). I think babies are like little celebrities, who love attention and are followed by a gang of paparazzi! Bye bye to my “routine”…for the day that was in it.

People have come out of the woodwork to make the effort to mark Baby’s First Christmas. For me, having a baby is the greatest gift. He has not only brought joy to us, but also love and laughter to our family and relatives.

It really makes you understand, that it is not what’s under the tree, but who you are with, that makes Christmas such a special time.

Babies really couldn’t care less about gifts and gadgets, they are just happy being happy with the basics of being loved, fed, clothed and warm.

They give so much, and as for so little. We have alot to learn but also alot to teach our children, and we should start with appreciating the little things.

• Jennifer is mommy to Fionn aged six months and stepmom to Jordan aged 13,

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