Mommy Moments: The Essentials For The Hospital Before Baby Comes

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Our parenting columnist, Jennifer Kissane, remembers what it was like just before baby came…and what you need in the hospital… 

I RECENTLY met a lady who recognised me as “the lady with the baby, from the paper”, who is keeping an eye on my articles for her pregnant daughter!

This got me thinking of what I wish I’d known while pregnant, in preparation. Hindsight is a wonderful thing…and ignorance is bliss,  but I’ll leave that gem for another time.

I love lists, reading them and writing lots of them. I am Monica from Friends in more ways that one, so I’ve devised a list to help moms-to-be.

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The first list will be what to bring in the Hospital Bag. Aside from the official list, the one you need!!!

1.  Night dresses/ comfy wear 

Seriously, they are not just for granny to wear. I remember being horrified at the purple flower creations my mom had got me.

Remember, no-one cares what you look like.  It’s all about trying to save some shred of dignity and being comfy. Plus remember you will never ever wear these again!!

2. Gigantic knickers

Your Bridget Jones best! This is no time for fancy.  Think comfort. Think how a nice hight waist will support your tummy and how much padding you can fit in!! Bigger Is Better!!

3. Nursing bra

NOT in your pre-baby size. Not in.your pregnant size, try another size up!! When your milk comes in, and those hormones are kicking,  you will get a free breast enlargement akin to that of a playboy bunny!! P.s. sadly they don’t stay!!  😉

4. Snacks/bottles of water and general grazing

For you. Not the other half!  Having a baby is thirsty work plus you deserve a treat! In my case this was bar’s of chocolate and fruit.

5. Flip flops.

For showering in/ waddling in/ pacing in.

6. Fluffy socks.

You body temperature will be all over the place, so these little gem’s will help with that!

7. Sanitary wear.

Bigger is better!! Refer to point #2!

8. Hair elastics

To keep your hair out of your face. You don’t need anything to distract you from the task at hand!

9. The little things

No harm in a few make you feel human bits,  a spritz of perfume,  vaseline for the lips and whatever else you might need.

10. Back up bag at home.

Just additional bits you’ll need just in case your stay is longer than you thought. Having it all ready, saves the other half tearing through the place.

God only knows what you would end up with!!  Also a back up bag for baby at home is a great idea, because they may be small but they are mighty at running through a million changes of nappies, vests,  babygrows!

Happy packing,  and enjoy every minute of this mommy moment!

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