Mommy Moments: Even The Dog Gets A Shout Before Me!

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Our ‘mommy’ columnist, Jennifer Kissane, finds herself far down the pecking order when it comes to having her name called by her infant son…

THESE last few weeks have been very busy with Fionn getting a lot more active.

He now has four teeth, which has created a mini munching machine! He literally has something in his mouth chewing every waking minute.

From teething rings to carrot sticks, he is enjoying all the perks of having teeth! On top of this, he is sitting up for short periods on his own.

I’m seeing early attempts at crawling, when he’s on the playmat one second, and half way across the sitting room in the next. It’s amazing how fast he can move.

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The most anticipated mommy moment for me of late, has been waiting to hear baby’s first words! Fionn has been chirping away happily making all sorts of fuss, but he now has three very clear words. In order of the most used are….

“Dada” “Dad dad dad….” He is literally obsessed with repeating it! Oh yes, of course. The one who didn’t carry you throughout pregnancy, give birth to you, sleepless nights of feeding etc. who won’t bear any physical scars, but who you are the replica image of despite having 50% DNA and not the 99% you appear to have. Sure why would I be a bit put out!?

Next up, “Nana”. OK I get it, we love Nana! Better still, he has two nanas so double love, hugs and spoiling. Mutual adoration! How could I argue with that!

So Mom or any M words didn’t make the top two. Finally though, his favourite four legged “person” made the list.

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“Ah Ah” who is Bella…. our bulldog. Yes, the dog got in before me. To further add insult to injury, he puts his hand out to call her and clicks his tongue and both Fionn and Bella are delighted with themselves and their secret language!

So it seems I’m further down the pecking order than I had hoped!

My mom of course had wise words for me as I fretted – I’m sure she wasn’t overly sympathetic considering, the prize boy himself is her No.1 fan. She reminded me “Sure he’ll be calling Mom for the rest of his life!” #mommymoments

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