Mommy Moments: Getting Stuck Into Teething Problems

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Our columnist, Jennifer Kissane, feels for her little fella as he goes through teething but is there any magic formula to ease baby’s discomfort…

I THINK I know now why people have a built-in fear of the dentist and any teeth related ailment – it has to come from their very first experience of teething.

My little man is teething – teething like crazy! – so much in fact, I’m convinced he will have a least half a mouth of teeth in no time!

From consulting my “baby books” and my guru, Google, as well as my wise mother, this is definitely not going to be the case and I’ll be lucky to get one or two pearly whites!

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Red cheeks, sore gums, dribbling, irritability and some questionable nappies as well as night-time waking have marked this milestone.

After stocking up on teething paraphernalia, there is currently no need for the magic teething giraffe teether (you’ll read in my previous article how Sophie met an untimely end), teething rings, teething pegs as the novelty has worn off and baby prefers to try to fit his fist into his mouth to chew!

Failing this, he gets upset with the cruel world and will chew his thumb or his soother! The crater is having it tough.

After a few weeks, the teething gels and cold compress (I just press a cold facecloth on the sore gums) have been fantastic in easing his discomfort, but I’m willing to try anything and everything as we go along .

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He is weaning at the moment too (it’s all go) and this seems to be an experience he is enjoying, which is hopefully distracting him from the teething!

The drooling has got worse but everything else has settled thankfully, except for a crazy night recently, where he woke every hour from 3am, with the rosiest red cheek’s.

Everyday I have a little look to see how we are going and there is definite movement. I’m probably expecting Jack in the Beanstalk growth, with the amount of times I really do check his gums to see if the teeth have arrived.

The baby is not half as enthralled as his mother I’m sure! I do empathise with him and I literally feel his discomfort but thankfully he will not remember this particularly milestone of getting his first tooth!

“Toothwatch” as I’m calling it, has two bottom teeth just below the gum line, you can just see them ready to break through the gum. Only twenty something to go…!

• Jennifer Kissane is mommy to Fionn aged seven months and stepmom to Jordan aged 13

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