Mommy Moments: Now That Baby Has Arrived…

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Our parenting columnist, Jennifer Kissane, on what you need just after baby is born…

FOLLOWING on from my last article about packing the hospital bag essentials, I’m going to look at what you need when baby arrives.

I know it’s hard to resist, when you are surrounded by cuteness and you are bursting to buy the latest gizmos and gadgets to have a dream time with the baby, but the little one really does not need a whole lot at the beginning.

Babies are small but mighty at flying through the finances, so I thought I’d look at the basics. You can even pace out the buying as the babies grow in some cases.

The basics are:

1. Somewhere to sleep. Crib/ moses basket. When they are newborn, babies like to be cozy and close to mommy. These inexpensive item’s are small in size and budget friendly and can easily fit next to the bed. You can leave off buying the cot for a little while yet.

2. Feeding. Whether you choose to breast feed or bottle feed, you’ll need a few essentials. Breast pads, nipple cream, nursing bras.

If bottle feeding, you’ll need bottles and all equipment will all have to be sterilised. Sterilisers can be as convenient and expensive as you like.

Steam Sterilisers can be microwaved or electric. Both complete in minutes. Another option is cold water sterilisation using a sterilising solution such as milton.

I would advise not to go out and batch buy bottles as babies can be finicky with different teeth and the flow of the teeths. Same goes with formula. Listen to your baby and seek advice from your midwife, GP, public nurse.

I am a gadget-phobe, I truly can’t manage them but for all those who can and who like this, there are bottle prep machines!

These do everything you need to prepare your bottle feed (except feed the baby!) Valuable minutes to be got here during night feeds!

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3. Clothing. Resist the urge to buy the entire newborn section of clothes!

Resist the designers, the incredibly cute, never again will fit into outfit, I can assure you babies will spit, vomit, drool, and burst onto whatever you put on them, at least a million times a day!

They won’t care one way or the other, so stick to basic onesie babygrows and vests and the beginning. Save your sanity and help yourself some bit in the laundry department!

4. Bathing. I can hear my mom saying to me, “all you need is a pan and water”, and yes there are baby baths of every kind but for the first few week’s a basin of water will do. You don’t even need to add products to baby sensitive skin.

5. Nappies. Cloth or disposable nappies. For cloth nappies, you are investing at the beginning to start off, but the nappies are durable, reusable and environmentally friendly.

Disposable nappies are cheap or as expensive as you like. Keep an eye on the sizes as the wrong size can have leaky nappies! At the beginning you go through Alot of these, particularly with boys!! They are like weeing fountains 😉


6. Car seat/ buggy. The car seat will more than likely be your first and most expensive buy. If baby is born in hospital you will need it to take baby home!

Car seats can be purchased on their own or as part of a travel system with buggie/stroller/pram. Buy wisely.

You are investing in your child’s safety as well as in something that will be used a lot. Seek professional advice with fitting the car seats safely and practice this!

If buying the whole travel systems, make sure they fit your car, lifestyle and budget as there are a huge selection available.

Enjoy every minute #mommymoments!

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