Mommy Moments: A Year On The Parenting Rollercoaster

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One year after giving birth, Jennifer Kissane, has some advice for mommies-to-be…

My little baby will be turn one this week.

The last 12 months have been an incredible rollercoaster and it has absolutely flown. Life as I know it has been babyfied!

Giving birth to a premature baby (six weeks early) to having a commando-crawling, happy handsome ball of energy today, has been momentus to say the least.

Reflecting on the last 12 months, as a first time mother I have learned so much about me, myself and I. From the moment you give birth, your life truly changes.

The beginning is blurry busy and sleepless, but once the haze lifts and you get your mommy mojo, it really is an adventure. Here’s a little advice for mommies-to-be out there…

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1. Giving birth, you will be tested mentally and physically to a level beyond your expectation. Your body was made to give birth. You can and will do this. I found mindfulness incredibly empowering.

2. Cherish every moment and take a million photographs.  From the moment you meet your baby to the first smile,burp,crawl… The time passes incredibly fast and the early day’s fly by.  (Back them up!)

3. Sleep, rest, revitalise.  You need every ounce of energy to nurture, feed and look after a baby. Sleep and recharge when baby sleeps.

The house won’t fall down if it’s not tidy, the clothes can be washed tomorrow by someone who is not you! I cannot emphasise this point enough Zzzz

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4. You will begin to feel human again…everything may not go back to exactly where it once was,  but pretty close!

You are beautiful and pretty incredible! Wear your stretch marks with pride (if you are blessed with super human super model genes, then skip this point and point 5!)

5. Sorry to say the boobs don’t stay…!

6. See point 3. Pyjamas will not be your staple wardrobe. As with feeling human, you will fit back in to your pre-baby clothes. Running around after a baby is like having a tiny personal trainer ta da!!

7. Do not forget about you. You are more than a milk/feeding/baby machine. I’ve said it before,  but this is so important.

Your mental health is paramount to being a happy, healthy mom to your baby. Reach out if you need support /help/a cuppa /or five minutes to you. Babies are portable so pop them in to the buggy and go for even a quick walk each day.

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8. Keep a memory box or a journal or keepsake collection of some kind. This will be something you will cherish and have to look back on.

Baby brain is very real and you won’t remember writing half of it or collecting bits, but you will appreciate that you did!

9. I’m all for ignoring baby books,  but if you have concern’s about your little one, don’t hesitate to contact your GP, District nurse, Doula, Midwife etc.

A few essential baby bits like a thermometer, something for pain relief, teething and stuffy noses will be a must.

10. Enjoy, enjoy and enjoy. You will be tired, frazzled, stretched thin, maybe spit on, thrown up on…but it is worth every second to see that little baby smile (and sleep!) and to know you brought into this World.

Happy First Birthday baby Fionn, love Mommy #mommymoments

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