Moving Vigil In The Square Remembers Victims Of Violence Around The World

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Some of the crowd attending the vigil in The Square last night. Photo from Rizwan Khan

THERE was a great turnout in The Square in Tralee on Monday evening for a vigil to remember the violence and brutality against innocent children, women and men in Manchester and around the world.

Organised by Sylvia Thompson with the help of Dr Rizwan Khan of the Kerry Islamic Outreach Society, it was a moving event with speeches by the main organisers and a poem of peace was read out by Cllr Norma Foley and Mayor of Tralee, Cllr Terry O’Brien.

Dr Khan estimated that there around 200 people in attendance and thanked everyone for being present. Writing on his Facebook page afterwards he said; “Tralee can show Ireland an image of a model town, a model community where people of all faith and belief lives side by side with love, respect and great communication. It’s easy to say love and respect, but in Tralee we all communicate to the extent that this vigil which attracted over 200 people was organised only in last four to five days. Well done to all in Tralee and the surrounding areas.” Dr Khan sent us these photos from the vigil…




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