New Figures For Kerry Show General Increase In Crime Last Year

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THE latest crime figures from the Kerry Garda Division shows most crimes increased in the county in 2019 on the previous year.

The statistics were revealed at the Joint Policing Committee meeting at Kerry County  Council chambers on Friday morning.

It shows Property Crime up 7%, Crimes Against the Person up 16%, Drugs and Offensive Weapons up 16% but Criminal Damage and Public Order offences were down 3%.

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Burglaries were up 1% from 252 in 2018 to 54 last year. Thefts/unauthorised takings of vehicles were up 46% from 28 to 41, thefts from vehicles were also up, from 99 in 2018 to 125 last year (+26%), thefts from shops were up 8% from 472 to 509 offences, while theft of other property was also up 8% from 287 to 311.

Assaults causing harm dropped by 4% from 157 to 151 offences. Minor assaults were up though, from 386 to 486 offences (+26).

Arson cases rose by 50%, from 14 to 21, while criminal damage offences were up 2% from 360 to 367. Public order offences fell from 735 to 709 (-4%) as did drunkenness offences, down 7% from 623 to 579.

Possession of drugs for sale or supply offences rose by 18%, from 76 to 90 and possession of drugs for personal use was also up, from 514 to 603 (+17). There was also a rise in possession of offensive weapon offences of 14%, from 49 to 56.

Intoxicated while driving offences were up by 8%, from 292 in 2018 to 316 last year. Traffic collisions with material damage only were up 3% from 1,399 to 1,443, traffic collision non-serious injury incidents decreased by 105 from 153 to 138, while traffic collision causing serious injury were down 35%, from 62 to 40.


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