Niall Hobbert: Ignore Negative People And Accentuate The Positive

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rsz_niall_hobbert_gym_1IT’S nearly July already, wow!

How many of you have stuck to your training plans to get those summer bods or did you get disillusioned with the volume of negativity?

Unfortunately Ireland doesn’t lend itself too kindly to positivity, especially when you are trying to do something to better yourself and your health.

But that’s why you read my piece every week, to get some simple straight talking do’s and don’ts in health and fitness.

So it’s the end of June and you are beating yourself up because you didn’t stick to your training plan. So what!

Why are you living in the past when you can do something about it today. You or I can’t change what we did or didn’t do five minutes ago so why be so down on yourself.

Always remember this – there’s people out there wanting to see you fail, just to say  “I told you so”. Be confident and positive in what you want to do as positivity begets positivity. You, and only you, have the power to make small daily changes in your life.

July is the month of loving yourself again. That sexy summer dress is hanging up in the wardrobe just waiting to be donned on a night out and it should make you feel a million dollars.

What to do? So little time?

I have a 7 day 7lbs weight loss course that guarantees success and have you feeling a million dollars for your planned night out.

Also, if you have any fitness queries please email me at and I will address them in my next article.

Until next week, stay healthy.

• Niall Hobbert is running an Algarve Fitness Clinic from August 21– 25. For more info please email


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