Where To Now For The Eason’s Benchwarmers?

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Gentlemen at the bench near Easons in happier times.

IT was a popular spot to put the world to rights before The Mall works began and apparently there will be ample seating to continue same when the area is finished in November…just not outside Eason’s.

Sinn Féin Cllr Pa Daly had a motion at the Tralee Municipal District meeting on Tuesday that the Council would commit to replacing the bench outside Eason’s.

Cllr Daly said there was a concern among the men who occupied the bench that their — as he put it — “conclave of candour” would be lost.

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The bench was a popular spot for people — but predominantly men — to meet, have a chat and watch the world go by.

It looks like they’ll have to move across the shared space, or up outside Penneys though, as the central carriageway will have a loading bay/set down area outside Eason’s which will restrict the footway in comparison to areas where benches are planned.

The question of disturbance money for the gentlemen has sadly been ruled out though, according to Pa Daly, who informed TraleeToday.ie on Wednesday, that some of the men are resting on the plastic red safety bollards while the work is going on, which is kinder on the posterior anyway.

Fear not though lads, there will be benches directly adjacent along the front of Penneys and directly across from Easons on the other side of the shared space.

The street furniture included in the contracted works provides a wide range of seating arrangements throughout the Mall.

It proposes eight stone cube seating, eight timber benches and four planters with benches in line with the architectural design of the new streetscape.


  1. Summer story!!!

  2. Tom Shanahan says:

    It would be much better if the boys decided to meet and go to one of the many coffee shops and do there bit to help the business people of Tralee