Number Of Coronavirus Cases In Kerry More Than Doubles In One Day

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THERE are now 33 confirmed cases of the Coronavirus in Kerry, up 18 from yesterday.

The national figures were revealed at the daily briefing from the Department of Health this evening.

An additional 235 people have tested positive for the virus in the Republic of Ireland, bringing the total to 1,564.

Kerry has the sixth most cases in the country after Dublin (659), Cork (133), Galway (40), Wicklow (39) and Kildare (34).

Two more people  have died from the Coronavirus in Ireland. This brings the total of people who have died after contracting COVID-19 to nine. The Department’s Covid-19 information dashboard can be accessed by clicking here.


  1. Matty O'Leary says:

    This is not rocket science!

    If the Irish government coronated with shops and their suppliers to surge their supplies, a 1 week notice was given to the Irish people for each household to stock up for 3 weeks. An official emergency delivery service could be organised for failures.

    The working population could take paid holidays by the government and/or their employers.

    Shopping could be done by government managed time slots (by area or age group!) with restocking done in between time slots in stores. Of course, the states security forces would be used extensively during this whole process.

    Once the people enter a 3 week home lockdown, any exposure to the virus would be isolated, identified and treated easily by the state.

    Once, this 3 week period has passed, the Irish population could be clear of infection and the normal national economy can resume!

    However, all entry and exit from the nation would have be paused for a prolonged period of time until the international situation changes or a second wave of infection could be introduced.

    The Irish people would be internationally isolated, but safe.

    The internal economy could resume as normal and would probably do very well as people go back to work and on holiday internally.
    The Irish nation could import and export cargo and function normally economically on the world stage giving us an economic advantage in the current climate.


    • Jill crosher says:

      Absolutely. I’m amazed people are still popping into the shop.
      But it’s true that deliveries are booked up weeks ahead now and not according to need but according to savvy use of the websites. . This should be managed .