Number Of Garda Checkpoints In Kerry Rose By 45% Last Year

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THE number of proactive policing checkpoints rose significantly last year compared to 2017, it was revealed at the Joint Policing Committee meeting at Kerry County Council on Friday last, where the Kerry JPC Annual Report for 2018 was distributed.

It showed 5,632 checkpoints were conducted in 2018 compared to 3,875 the previous year. The Go Safe Van speed detections rose slightly from 2,001 in 2017 to 2,026 last year.

Speed intercept detections rose by 24%, from 780 to 969. Seat belt offence detections also increased from 219 to 300 (36%) as did mobile phone use offence detections by 29%, from 731 in 2017 to 941 in 2018.

There was a slight decrease in the amount of people caught driving while over the alcohol limit, from 299 in 2017 to 283 last year (-5%). However, driving under the influence of drugs offences were up from 16 to 19 (+19%).

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