Nurses To Go On 24 Hour Strike At The End Of The Month

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NURSES and midwives will go on strike for 24 hours on January 30th, it was announced today .

The union is legally required to give one week’s notice, but has given three to allow for safety planning. Should the dispute go unresolved, there will be further 24-hour strikes on 5th and 7th of February, and then the 12th, 13th and 14th.

The strike will see INMO members withdraw their labour for 24 hours, providing only lifesaving care and emergency response teams.

The dispute centres on safe staffing in the public health service. The HSE has not been able to recruit and retain enough nurses and midwives on current wages.

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The number of staff nurses fell by 1,754 (6%) between 2008 and 2018, despite an ageing, growing population making the health service busier.

This would be only the second national strike in the INMO’s hundred-year history.

INMO General Secretary Phil Ní Sheaghdha said: “Going on strike is the last thing a nurse or midwife wants to do. But the crisis in recruitment and retention has made it impossible for us to do our jobs properly. We are not able give patients the care they deserve under these conditions.

“The HSE simply cannot recruit enough nurses and midwives on these wages. Until that changes, the health service will continue to go understaffed and patient care will be compromised.

“The ball is in the government’s court. This strike can be averted. All it takes is for the government to acknowledge our concerns, engage with us directly, and work to resolve this issue, in a pro-active manner.

“We were due to meet with the government in the national oversight body in December, but the meeting was cancelled. Like many patients in Ireland’s health service, we are still waiting for an appointment.”


  1. Matty O'Leary says:

    Well, good for the nurses and midwives and that’s of course good for the Irish citizens, who will ultimately benefit.

    I just hope the nurses and midwives come to the realisation and have the resolve to keep going until the arrogant Fine Gael government bends the knee!

    Good Luck to our nurses and midwives 🙂

  2. Kathleen Corless says:

    Nurses and midwives are integral to the health system to ensure quality health care that people deserve.
    Governments need to listen to the voices of health professionals and move towards a system that has only the best to care for our most vulnerable. I worked in Ireland in the 80’s and immigrated to Australia where a strike was in progress for better working conditions and in more recent years – safe staffing levels. Over the years I have seen members of my family go through the health system and am sometimes shocked at the lack of evidenced based care that is given

  3. Matty O'Leary says:

    Nurses and midwives you have ‘saddened’ the Taoiseach?


    Well, this is a typical play from the political correct textbook as the Taoiseach who never worked hard in a real job in the whole of his privileged life uses the mainstream media to take the moral high ground and also give a slap down to the nurses and midwives at the same time as if they are his selfish children, after all the word ‘saddened’ is used as an emotional response / trigger to appeal to the sheeple.

    I liked that Nigel Farage for exposing Leo Varadkar and his deeper ties to the European Union. This Taoiseach is a committed Federal European Union sock puppet and Ireland is increasing regarded as a state of the EU and not a real nation.

    Just look at president macron of France who was a banker for the Rothschilds and achieved a partnership after a questionable 2 years of employment? Before being backed for the French presidency.

    Potential Irish career politicians like Leo Varadkar are being groomed and lined up, a la carte for the Irish people all the time by the EU, big business and special interest groups.

    How dare careless career politicians like this attempt to take the moral high ground in this way?

    Good luck to the Nurses and midwives of Ireland, hopefully there are more people than sheeple in Ireland to support your genuine grievances.