John O’Keeffe Wouldn’t Be Surprised If Kerry Beat Dublin

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John O'Keeffe

John O’Keeffe.

KERRY and Austin Stacks legend, John O’Keeffe, is expecting a big performance from Kerry on Sunday and says he wouldn’t be surprised if Kerry beat the Dubs.

Speaking to, O’Keeffe said; “Knowing Kerry football all of the years, I’m expecting a really good performance on Sunday. It wouldn’t surprise me if Kerry beat Dublin on Sunday.”

O’Keeffe, who won seven All Ireland titles with the Kerry, said a key area is how Dublin cope with the loss of three of their back line from last year’s championship.

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“I feel if Dublin are without three of their outstanding backline, particularly (James) McCarthy, and he has very little football played this year. That would be a very big loss for Dublin, particularly if the game is close going into the last 10 minutes.”

He said Kerry need to play with pace in the middle third and said that in the last two big games against Dublin they were beaten in this area.

“They [Kerry] are going to improve on the pace in that area. You wouldn’t know who they are going to put in there, but they are looking for pace.”

O’Keeffe also spoke of how the game has changed since his own playing days. “I think the players, the way the game is played at the moment with it being so fluid, that the demands on the players are even greater now,” O’Keeffe commented. To read the full interview, click here



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