Opportunities For Creatives In Kerry Local Creative Youth Partnership Programme

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Young people in Tralee enjoying last year’s Imagination Tower Workshops with Kerry LCYP. Photo M Di Grande.

KERRY Education and Training Board is offering opportunities to creatives through the Kerry Local Creative Youth Partnership (LYCP) programme.

Kerry ETB is the lead partner in the development of Kerry LCYP, which was established in May 2019  and has been working steadily for some months now to establish opportunities for young people in Tralee, Listowel and Cahirciveen, Iveragh.

The project is an initiative of Creative Ireland and funded through the Department of Education and Skills.

Following a partnership approach, key stakeholders in Kerry including youth services, Family Resource Centres, youth groups as well as primary and second level schools have been developing activities and programmes which engage the creative interests of young people, prioritising marginalisation and disadvantage in its approach.

“Kerry LCYP is a game changer in the way it approaches youth creativity. The work is guided by the voices of young people, through consultation and encouragement, assisting young people to take an interest in all things creative, tapping into the innate creativity of our young people. We have found the programme very much supports personal, social and artistic development in a significant way”, stated Ann O’Dwyer, Head of Schools, Youth and Music at Kerry ETB.

The project is managed by a Creative Youth Co-Ordinator and a local steering group operates as a consultative forum for the project. Working on collaborations between public sector agencies and organisations is important, as is establishing a sustainable network that can continue to prioritise the creative needs of our youth population in Kerry.

In 2019 Kerry LCYP worked with 949 young people directly and with 1,221 young people indirectly through partnership.  Key to this work is the creative practitioner, artist, designer, craft maker, or educator.

“Creative professionals deliver the work programme on the ground and are a key enabler of the programme,” according to Deirdre Enright, Creative Youth Co-Ordinator.

Kerry ETB offers opportunities to creatives through the LCYP programme. If you enjoy working with children and young people, using your creative skills to tutor, guide and empower, an employment opportunity exists with Kerry ETB.

Creatives are being encouraged to apply to join the Creative Tutor Pool online via (www.kerryetb.ie/creative-tutor-pool).

Professionals who are open to collaboration with creative practitioners and have science, technology, engineering, electronics or mathematics experience are also welcome to apply.

An interview and induction session is involved and tutors are brought together throughout the year in support sessions and peer learning opportunities.

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