Orlagh Winters: Avoiding Fashion Faux Pas

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Orlagh Winters

Orlagh Winters

Rihanna must have had some idea of the stir that her sheer dress would cause at the CFDA Fashion Awards.

With all due respect, she is a stunning looking girl who hardly needs more attention, so why wear a “not really there” dress?

Showing too much flesh is really unnecessary and no matter how toned the body is, it is a no no!

Let’s face it, there are times in all our lives that we get it wrong, you only have to look back at old photographs and I’m sure you have thought “What was I thinking?”

The unfortunate thing about these photographs, are that they are nearly always the ones that are framed in your parents or siblings homes. This is certainly the case with me.

When I saw the pictures of Rihanna’s ensemble I thought that there in no doubt that she will regret it at a later date. The dress itself could have been beautiful if she had worn a slip (God I sound like my mother) underneath it.

Rihanna 1

Rihanna at the CFDA Fashion Awards…put them away dear.

Fashion faux pas happen to the best of us but I hope with this latest advice that I can help you avoid making some in the future.

VPL: For those of you who may be unfamiliar with the term, a VPL is a Visible Panty Line. This is up there with the mortal sins of fashion and can be easily avoided by wearing thongs or seamless underwear.

Clothes that are too tight: Ok, so none of us like to admit that those jeans or shirt that fitted like a glove last year are no longer the aesthetic beauties they once were. If it is a case that the pounds have piled on then dress accordingly. Go up a size, your clothes will look better and at least you lessen the risk of cutting off your circulation.

Muffin Top: Similar to the last point but this is specific to the tummy area. There are two ways to avoid this faux pas, the first is to wear correct fitting jeans or trousers and the second is to wear a longer top to hide the dreaded muffin.

Dressing your Age: I know that I am lucky that I am comfortable with my age and I also know of girls who are much younger than me who slice an extra few years of their true age when asked.

This may seem to justify their habit of “mutton dressed as lamb” but there is nothing attractive about dressing too young for your age. Leave the skater skirts and playsuits for the teeny- boppers by staying out of the teenager sections in department stores.

Well guys I hope this advice helps and in fairness if Rihanna needs a dress for her next event, I hope she gives me a call or that she at least sacks her stylist.

Until next time,
Stay stylish!

Orlagh xx

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