Orlagh Winters: My Dream Dinner Party Guests

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Orlagh Winters ProfileSO at the moment I am the ‘favourite aunt’ as I got my hands on one of the coveted Frozen Elsa dolls and delivered her to my adorable niece in Dublin on Saturday.

It got me thinking if I had to have one gift this christmas, what would it be?

Clearly I should be saying world peace etc but as it is a frivolous question, it deserves a frivolous answer. Now don’t get me wrong I would love to see world peace, but just for this project I will park that.

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What I would really love is to have a dinner party with my fashion and fun icons. The dinner would be served in a beautiful dining room with old school almost Downtown Abbey-style waiters and waitresses. So who would be there and why?

Carrie Bradshaw aka Sarah Jessica Parker as I think her style is amazing and I just know that she would  arrive in some sort of tutu creation and a Philip Treacy hat. I also think that she would have us in stitches of laughter which is always a good trait for a dinner guest.

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Ballyheigue golden boy Don O’Neill and his wonderful fiance Pascal Guillermie would I believe be super guests too. Don could dazzle me with where he gets his inspiration for his magnificent creations. For those of you lucky enough to have seen some of Pascal’s breathtaking floral masterpieces will know that he would completely satisfy my creative side.

Olivia Palermo would have to be included as she is my all time style icon. Her quirky ensembles are always bang on trend and although I know she gets to choose the pick of the crop, she wears them with such style and grace.

Lady GaGa, I just know having seen her interviewed, would be witty, charming and slightly bonkers. She would probably arrive wearing somethink crazy and it would be a major topic of conversation but I just know that I would love her craziness. She could also provide the music for the evening, that would save me a few quid.

The last place at this table (it’s a seven seater) without a doubt would be the incorrigible Graham Norton. He would be responsible for asking all the questions that I would not dare to ask.  We would all need oxygen from laughing so much as he would regale us with stories about guests on his chat show and I have no doubt he would ask me to be a future guest (ahem).

Ok so I know it’s a mixed bag but I really do believe that these guests would be super, they would enlighten me like never before and that they would all want to make it a regular thing.

Now who has their numbers? Ah well a girl can dream…

Until next time,

Stay stylish!

Orlagh xx

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