Orlagh Winters: Hit The Litterbugs Where It Hurts Most…Their Pockets!

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Orlagh new profile 1SO after last week’s moan about people who inconsiderately park in disabled spaces, I am on a bit of a roll in the pet hates department.

This week my target is people who think it is quite acceptable to throw litter or dump their rubbish in the countryside.

Only yesterday I had a conversation about how well the town is looking, there is an incredible amount of time and effort to ensure this happens.

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Frank Hartnett from Kerry County Council recently unveiled the beautiful memorial garden in honour of Monsignor Hugh O’Flaherty and it really has changed the look at the roundabout near Strand Street.

Unused buildings and empty shop units in town have all been getting a makeover and this is truly positive. It is enhancing the look of the town and is a great way to push us up the rankings for tourists to come and visit.

Why then do a few plonkers think it is okay to throw their rubbish from their cars and have someone else clean up after them?

A friend recently turned into Miss Marple when he found the receipt of a discarded take away which showed the time of the offending vehicle going through the drive-thru.

He contacted the company and will be able to hand over the registration number to the relevant authorities.

What made this worse was that from the receipt it was clear that there were children in the car as there was at least one children’s meal purchased.

What kind of parenting is this? I really hope that the offender gets caught and is handed a nice little fine to soften his cough.

There is no doubt that the countryside surrounding Tralee is one of the most scenic in the country and it is a shame that not everyone appreciates this.

Groups such as Tralee Tidy Towns and Team Bramble do Trojan work to ensure that the scenic delights remain litter free.

The volunteers are out collecting rubbish in all types of weather and should be commended for their stellar work.  Last Sunday alone Team Bramble, in two hours collected fifteen bags of rubbish and this was just along the Dingle Road as far as Blennerville.

How disgusting it is that thoughtless people would deliberately try to spoil such a beautiful area of Tralee. Wouldn’t it be great though if the volunteers didn’t have to do this and that the offending people actually stopped throwing their rubbish out of their cars or whatever means they do this criminal deed.

As with all these type of people, the only way that seems to impact them is if they are hit in the pocket. Hefty fines seem to be the only deterrent although catching them is another issue as a lot of them do their dumping in the dead of the night.

Have we come to the stage that we need to police or add cameras to our countryside?  Let’s all do our bit and dispose of our rubbish responsibly and hopefully it will become a trend that does catch on.

I promise next week there won’t be a moan in sight!

Until next week.

Clean up!

Orlagh xx


  1. Im all for a clean countryside and don’t throw rubbish unless it’s into the bin. On the other hand I don’t agree with scandalous charges like we will now b charged to have our bins collected
    Personally if if don’t want my bin collected one wk it’s empty then why should I pay.get ready to see a lot more rubbish around because we won’t b able to afford to put out our bins.

  2. Why do some pay for there rubbish and others just throw there rubbish on paths and roads in estates it’s so frustrating especially when council have been informed and nothing done just ignored as usual so unfair