Orlagh Winters: Criticism Of Ladies Day Events Is Unjustified

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Carol Kennelly (right) after being named Best Dressed Lady at the Dublin Horse Show last week with friend Mary Stapleton-Foley.

SO everyone is entitled to their opinion, but Una Mullally’s attack in The Irish Times on Ladies Day events is typical of an attitude that is becoming more prevalent in the press.

Mullally wrote: “…it’s not so much a celebration of style, as a judgment on a particular type of femininity. It’s about a certain sector of society having a ball and others looking in, pressed against the invisible glass of expensive clothes and privileged access.”

What a load of rubbish! I can only assume that Miss Mullally has never been to a Ladies Day Event as, if she had, she would know that this is entirely untrue.

Ladies Day is a chance for us gals to dress up like we are going to a wedding, but without having to give the cash in the card.

She would also know that not every lady – although wearing their finery – is dressed in designer wear.

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In fact, at the RDS Horse Show last Thursday, where there were over 700 entrants, there was a huge proportion dressed in high street labels from Penney’s to Heaton’s.

The mere fact that women tune in to TV shows to see the style is testament to how much we love to see fashion on our Irish stations.

For me the most annoying thing about her article, is that they used a picture of our very own Carol Kennelly to accompany it.

Carol epitomizes what is good about Ladies’ Days. Not only did she look breathtaking in her Tina Griffin Design dress, teamed with her own creation as her headwear, but Carol is also a savvy businesswoman.

After winning the best dressed title at Galway Races in 2008, Carol put her winnings to good use and did a millinery course.

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Today, Carol’s creations are seen at every racecourse, wedding and function in the country. Carol is a good role model for women as she stepped into the male-dominated world of millinery and turned it on its head.

She is now the most successful milliner in the country and is a pleasant, friendly courteous lady who should be applauded for her success.

Miss Mullally refers to social pages as a lie and that women could not be having fun at these events.

Again, she must never have been to any ladies day, because the fun is second to none. I get angry when women criticise women for doing something that they are not interested in – each to their own is how I see it!

I get it that dressing up and backing horses or having a few glasses of bubbly is not everyone’s cup of tea, but we are not harming anyone, we are not committing any crime so why attack us?

We ladies should support each other and stick together and not be criticised for having fun!

Until next week Ladies,

Stay stylish!
Orlagh xx


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