Orlagh Winters: How To Look Great On The Beach

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orlagh wintersWELL now haven’t we been the lucky ducks with the sunshine?

The fine weather is simply wonderful and it puts a smile on your face and a perk in your step. By now us ladies have bodies that would not be out of place in The National Wax Museum, I speak of course of the hairless bodies that go hand in hand with the sunshine.

Until a few years ago a Brazilian was what we call a chap playing in the World Cup but nowadays we all know it is what us ladies must endure before we put on the bikini or swim suit.

So how do we pick the swimming attire to suit our body shape? There are a few simple guidlines to look our best, be it in Banna or Bali.


Beach-style ala Nigella Lawson.

We all look different and have the area of our body that we would rather stayed under wraps and not be put on display but unless we are going to try the preferred style of Nigella Lawson we will just have to ensure that we pick the best style to suit us.


If you are blessed with a perfect six pack ab stomach, then clearly you do not need these tips and you will probably be at the beach by yourself as none of your girlfriends will want to lie beside you.

If on the other hand, you think that your tummy is your problem area then the solution lies with a little deception with your swim suit.

Ensure that you wear a little ruching on the tummy, avoid a two piece as this will only emphasise your less than perfect tummy area.


Unlike at KFC, large thighs are always a problem with us gals.

There are two solutions for this, one is to colour block your one piece suit as this will always lead the eyes away from the thighs, the second is to wear a pair of midrise briefs as this accentuates all the areas except the thighs.

Big Bum!

Ok so I am not talking Kim Kardashian size here (I really don’t get how that size is attractive).

This problem is easily rectified by wearing high waisted briefs, another tip is wear a larger size on the bottom than you do at the top.

Also try wearing a string bikini but make sure to tie the bow at the hip bone and not higher as this will only draw attention to the bum. Ruching is also a miracle in this area.

Small boobs!

Unless you look like Pamela Anderson in her red swimsuit running in slow motion, chances are that at some stage your bustline will make you feel inferior.

This is particularly true if you holiday anywhere where there is an invasion of silicone. The good news is that it is easy to give an illusion of bigger boobs by wearing a padded bikini top.

Horizontal stripes or a bright zig zag design can also help you fake the curves and not a knife in sight!

All we need now is for this stunning sunshine to stay and allow us enjoy one of our 13 beautiful blue flag beaches here in Kerry. Don’t forget the sunscreen!

Until next time.

Stay stylish!
Orlagh xx

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