Orlagh Winters: Why Recycling Makes Sense

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rsz_orlagh_1“ONE girl’s trash is another girl’s treasure.”

Social media has a lot to do with how us girls fret over who has seen us in what outfits and when.

Ok, so we all wake with the dread after a night out as to whether the photos on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram will be flattering.

The texts to friends ensue; “Take that one down”; “Get rid of my red eyes in that one”. So you get the picture, we have all done it.

What social media has also done is shown the world – or at least our friends – our latest fashion trends. There are many ladies who refuse to be seen in the same outfit twice and personally I think that is bonkers.

Regardless of what Enda and the boys want us to believe, as far as I am concerned, we are still very much in a recession. There is no excuse therefore to only wear an outfit once.

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Racing season is very much upon us and I have been photographed in the outfits that I have chosen to wear to the highlight of the racing calendar, Galway Races, numerous times.

As Catherine Tate’s ‘Lauren’ would say; “Am I bovvered?”

Not in the slightest, in fact I am delighted that I am getting the chance to wear them again. The fact that I have spent money on these wonderful creations, it would be a crying shame if I only got to wear them once if I was worried about them popping up on my social media pages.

This Monday evening was spent with my girlfriends in my childhood home in Loughrea, putting the finishing touches to our racing ensembles. My dad and husband looked on with somewhat bewilderment as we discussed the different shades of nude and shocking pink.

The big question was if the said hat was pictured on social media and if anyone would notice – not by me I might add as I love the idea of recycling amongst friends.

kate middleton 2

Kate has been known to wear the same outfit again.

Kate Middleton has been pictured numerous times wearing the same outfit at different occasions and to be honest, I think this makes her even more endearing.

She is confident enough in her own skin to wear her mixture of high street and designers and ok, I know the peg is good but what’s good enough for a princess is good enough for me.

Tomorrow I head to a pre-racing charity luncheon in aid of NBCRI in the Ardilaun Hotel and then for the next three days I am firmly camped in Ballybrit.

Next week’s column will be all about the style at the Galway Races as there are droves of Tralee’s most stylish ladies descending on Galway and wouldn’t it be wonderful to see a winner from The Kingdom.

Now the match in Croke Park on Sunday better have a different result!

Until next week,

Stay stylish!

Orlagh xx

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