Out To Lunch: Food Fit For A King

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Kingdom Food And Wine Store

Oakpark Road

Kingdom Food 1

Kingdom Food And Wine Store.

THIS week’s column is more of an ‘in for lunch’ than ‘out for lunch’ as I took the food home to my own kitchen.

You see the Kingdom Food And Wine Store isn’t a restaurant or cafe, rather a place to stop off to get some amazing sandwiches, meals and much more.

Maeve and Pat, who run the store, were behind the first (and pretty marvellous) incarnation of Restaurant Uno on Princes Street back in the 90s and early noughties before moving on to something different.

I regularly picked up a sandwich from the store in my days in The Kerryman – when it was still up in Clash – and their takeaway meals were always inventive and  delicious.

However, for some reason, I forgot about the place for a few years and decided to head up there on Friday to see if the standards were still as high.

The range of gourmet takeaway meals is amazing; fillet of salmon with a herb sauce ands pesto cream sauce; baked lemon sole with prawns and spinach in a tomato cream sauce; spicy thai red beef curry; beef stroganoff and chicken and broccoli bake to name but a few, all priced in the €7 to €9.50 range.

I fancied a sandwich though, so I had a look at the menu and decided to get my own made up. There’s a large selection of breads, meats, spreads and salads to choose from, so much so that it was hard to decide what to have.

In the end I ordered pastrami on tomato bread with basil pesto, sunblush tomatoes, salad leaves, feta cheese, and mixed peppers (thinly sliced).

I had a look around while I waited and they sell a huge variety of fine wines, breads, desserts and much, much more.

There was also a ‘freezer sale’ with four frozen takeaway meals for €20 or two for €11 which is pretty decent considering the standard of food.

I wasn’t long waiting for the sandwich and after paying €4.50 I was off in the car.

I found out when I got home that I ‘make’ a mighty delicious sandwich. For me the star was the tomato bread, but all the fresh ingredients worked their magic.

I can’t believe I’d been away for so long.


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