Pay By Weight System To Transform Waste Collection In Tralee

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Higgins Waste

Higgins Waste are introducting a new pay by weight system.

A NEW pay by weight bin collection system is set to come into play in Tralee on April 13.

Due to EU regulations and government policy, Higgins Waste who have the contract for bin collection services in Tralee, are introducing what they term a ‘Weigh Less – Pay Less’ system.

Letters have been circulated to all households giving details of the new system.

Pay by weight is being brought in to encourage recycling and to make the pricing system more transparent according to the company.  The idea being the more you recycle the less you pay for your waste bin.

What this means is that €6 per month will be deducted from your account on the first of every month. Customers also must have at least €30 in their account at all times to ensure collection.

As part of the upgrade, another bin will be added to the collection. Higgins Waste will be providing an organic green bin which will be 25 litres in size.

The organic green bin is for recycling food waste, it will be delivered to customers in the coming weeks and will come with a leaflet explaining what can and cannot be put into it.

Bins will be individually weighed and charged at these rates. Waste – 21 cent per kg, recycling – 11 cent per kg, and organic – 16 cent per kg.

Bin collection will be changed to fortnightly from Friday April 17 onward.

Higgins Waste are offering a promotional 10% discount when you top up online. They are also offering an annual fee which can be pre-paid either every 6 months or yearly. The rates are €290 for 12 months or €150 for 6 months, terms and conditions apply.

The service will still be available to Pay as You Go customers.

“This is a new concept for all of us. Based on national averages you should not find too much of a change once you use your Recycling bin & use your Food waste caddy efficiently,”  said Higgins Waste in a statement on their website.

“Should you wish to check out any other company in Ireland, you will see that our charges still remain one of the lowest prices on the market,” said Higgins Waste.
For more details about the system, click here


  1. Why do we need to have €30 in account at all times and how do we know what amount we have in it as at present we have no way of knowing?

  2. It’s a rip-off. Being no competitor (effectively they killed the competition by acquiring bin collection from the council & gradually increasing the charges), the charges are ridiculously high.