Petrol Prices Fall Again But Where Is The Cheapest?

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Petrol_pump_mp3h0354THE price of petrol has fallen again this month, but the sharp fall in prices since the Summer has cooled off a bit.

Last month the cheapest price was €1.29.8 now  it’s  €1.27.8 in the town’s Applegreen stations in Manor Village and Fairies Cross.

Just behind and only around the corner from Manor Village, is Inver on the Castlemaine Road with a price of €1.27.9. 

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There are five stations with a price of €1.28.9 and four at a price of €1.29.9. For the first time in a long time not showing a whole lot of disparity in the different prices that can be got around town.

Back in June the the lowest price in Tralee for a litre of petrol was €1.41.8. Though this represents a substantial drop in price, it still is higher on average than what petrol was going for at the beginning of the year. In Febuary, recorded it as low as €1.26.8.

Petrol and diesel prices in Tralee below as of Thursday morning, 10am…

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1. Applegreen, Fairies Cross and Manor Village €1.27.8 – (Diesel €1.14.8)

2. Inver, Castlemaine Road – €1.27.9 (Diesel €1.14.9)

3. Amber, Shanakill – €1.28.9 (Diesel €1.16.9)

Esso, Quill St – €1.28.9 (Diesel €1.15.9)

Top, Horan Centre – €1.28.9 (Diesel €1.15.9)

Texaco, Oakpark – €1.28.9 (Diesel €1.15.9)

Inver, Rathass – €1.28.9 (Diesel €1.16.9)

4. Esso, North Circular Road – €1.29.9 (Diesel €1.16.9)

Texaco, Blennerville – €1.29.9 (Diesel €1.16.9)

Topaz, Manor West – €1.29.9 (Diesel € 1.17.9)

Topaz, Fenit Road – €1.29.9 (Diesel 1.18.9)

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