PHOTO: Shane’s Pumpkin Is A Sensational Likeness Of Paul O’Connell

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Shane Kenny 1

Shane Kenny carved a great likeness of Paul O’Connell into a pumpkin.

YOU know Shane Kenny don’t you?

The Churchill GAA man came to prominence during the festival when he was named Rose Escort Of The Year, but he’s also a serious rugby fan and it shows with what he has managed to do for Halloween.

He’s only gone and carved this likeness (below) of ‘The Legendary Paul O’Connell™’ into a pumpkin for trick or treaters out in his Spa home.


Shane’s carving of Paul O’Connell’s face in a pumpkin.

“It took about four or five hours,” Shane told us earlier today. “I did it last Saturday so I’d say he’s not looking too healthy now,” he joked.

It’s not just Paulie who got the pumpkin treatment. Last year he did Nidge and Fran from Love/Hate. Now that’s scary!


Shane’s Nidge on a pumpkin.

Nidge and Fran 1

Shane’s Nidge and Fran from Love/Hate in pumpkin form.



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