PHOTOS: Fine Weather As Puck Fair Gets Underway

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10-8-2018: Niamh and Caoimhe O’Sullivan from Listowel, County Kerry with Daisy the Shetland Pony at Puck Fair 2018, Ireland’s longest running festival, taking place from 10-12 August in Killorglin, Co. Kerry on Friday.
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Photo: Don MacMonagle

IRELAND’S oldest annual festival has kicked off once again in typical Puck Fair fashion, with visitors from all over Ireland and beyond descending on the town of Killorglin.

Today marks the first day of the popular event — a day commonly referred to as ‘Gathering Day’ — which continues until Sunday.

The highlight of Gathering Day is the Coronation Parade and Ceremony, which takes place at 5:30pm.

Guests will gather along the bridge and around the square in anticipation of the official Coronation of King Puck.  This year, the honourable crowning duties will be carried out by Queen of Puck, Ella Foley, a pupil of Glounaguillagh National School in Killorglin.

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Celebrations are set to continue late into the evening as The Swing Cats bring their wonderful and energetic musical style to the town square’s main stage, entertaining the masses until midnight and drawing the first night of Puck Fair 2018 to a close.

Organisers of the festival expect to welcome over 80,000 visitors over the duration of the festival. Scroll down for photos…

Eamonn O’Connor from Killorglin selling his donkeys at Puck Fair 2018. Photo: Don MacMonagle


Timmy Buckley, Terence McGough and Paddy McKew from Killarney dealing on Ash Plant Cattle Sticks at Puck Fair 2018. Photo: Don MacMonagle

Roger O’Donoghue, John O’Leary and John Coleman from Killarney at Puck Fair 2018. Photo: Don MacMonagle


 ‘Mary Poppins’ makes an entrance in the town square at Puck Fair 2018. Photo: Don MacMonagle

Dolores Gaughan from Kerry having her hair braided at Puck Fair 2018. Photo: Don MacMonagle

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