PHOTOS: Has The Town Park Ever Looked This Good?

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Tidy Flowers Park 1

The entrance to the Town Park is looking mighty.

YESTERDAY we brought you some images showing how good the town centre is looking at the moment.

We also took some photos of the Town Park on the same day with the intention of using them in that article, but having walked into the park I realised that the town’s greatest asset deserves a showcase of its own.

There were hordes of people with cameras capturing the explosion of colour in the rose garden and I overheard many of them extolling its beauty. We’ve said it before, but the park really is the jewel in the crown of Tralee.

It would be great if someone could fly a drone over this part of the Park this time of the year, put it on YouTube and show it at its best.

Meanwhile, here’s some shots of the garden which don’t do it justice. Just take a walk there sometime.

Scroll down for photos…

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Tidy Flowers Park 3


Tidy Flowers Park 7


Tidy Flowers Park 10


Tidy Flowers Park 5


Tidy Flowers Park 2


Tidy Flowers Park 8


Tidy Flowers Park 4


Tidy Flowers Park 9


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