PHOTOS: Mitchels Estate Kids Show Pride Of Place In Art Display

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Croilar art 1

Children from Croilar Na Mhistealach with some of their efforts in the ‘My Street’ exhibition. Photo by Dermot Crean

CHILDREN from Croilar Na Mhistealach showed pride in their area on Thursday when they displayed posters as part of a special evening.

Croilar Na Mhistealach Residents Committee was established in October 2013 in conjunction with the Housing Transition Programme delivered by CAFTA (Community & Family Training Agency)  Ballymun, Dublin and funded by Tralee Town Council.

Every single door of the Residents that were allocated new homes in Croilar Na Mhistealach was knocked on by CAFTA inviting residents to the programme.

Linda Ward and Valerie Keating from Dublin spent eight weeks  with the residents and helped us greatly with information of regeneration and helping to start the Residents Committee.

“They have been in regular contact of our progress and they came to visit us,” said Kristine Silina of the Residents Committee.

“It was informal and positive evening for residents to come together and have a chat in relaxed, friendly atmosphere and look back on all activities and achievements we have achieved in such a short time,” she said.

As part of the evening, the Committee organised a colouring, drawing, painting competition for estate’s children. Its theme was “My Street” and 10 submissions were received and displayed on the evening, everyone received a prize – all were winners.

“These small events will be great memories for the young generation in years to come,” said Kristine.

The committee wished to extend thanks to all residents, Lorraine Bowler – NEKD, Kathy (Community Garda), and Lynda and Valerie (CAFTA) for attending and participating.

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Croilar art 2

Croilar Na Mhistealach Residents Committee, children and friends of the group at the event on Thursday. Photo by Dermot Crean

Croilar art 3

Sinead Coffey and Kristine Silina of the Residents Committee looking at some of the children’s art. Photo by Dermot Crean

Croilar art 4

Anna Zlotocka looking at some of the children’s art. Photo by Dermot Crean




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