PHOTOS: Past Pupil Returns To Paint Magnificent New Mural At Caherleaheen NS

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Artist Gabriel Galway with Caherleaheen NS pupils in front of his mural at the school. Photo by Dermot Crean

PUPILS at Caherleaheen are taking artistic inspiration from a wonderful new mural painted by an alumnus of the school .

Many eagle-eyed art lovers may recognise the artist’s style (in the photo above) from his other work in the town on the gable of Croí Restaurant, but this time Gabriel Galway went back to the place where he went to school to create something very special. He explained how it came about.

“I got all the kids to draw up design ideas for the mural. I looked through them and many featured a rainbow which represents the school, along with other ideas, so I talked to Mary [Connolly, Principal]. We spoke about Irish folklore and The Children Of Lir.  We wanted to incorporate the idea of children influencing each other, helping one another while growing up in school and becoming their own person.”

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Gabriel painted the four children shedding the feathers and becoming human again, using colours to show the connection between them. It took about four days for him to complete during the mid-term break, using paint sponsored by Tony Griffin of Pat McDonnell Paints.

Mary Connolly was understandably delighted with the result, saying it was wonderful that the children saw the sketches beforehand and were surprised by the result when they came back after the mid-term break.

Gabriel has also painted a mural recently in the children’s play area in the Manor West Hotel, but he is currently working on a graphic novel which he has pitched and is hoping to get published by US company Image Comics, who publish ‘The Walking Dead’ series.

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If you want to see more of Gabriel’s work, check out his website or if you’d like to commission him for work at your school or business, you can email him at Scroll down for photos…

Artist Gabriel Galway with his sister Lila and the mural he painted at Caherleaheen NS. Photo by Dermot Crean

The mural he painted at Caherleaheen NS. Photo by Dermot Crean

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