PHOTOS: Social Media Gave Us Some Great Images From Saturday’s Match

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There were some fantastic photos taken on Saturday on social media to do with the Kerry v Cork match. Here’s a look at what you GAA fans were posting…

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The weather certainly didn’t deter this fan from showing off his county pride.

Kieran Donaghy was in full celebration mode after the match.

This fan was certainly starting his Kerry supporting career from an early age.

The umbrellas were out in force on the day as they battled against the elements.

It was a gloomy day, but it was definitely brightened by the winning performance.

You can take the girl out Kerry, but not Kerry out of the girl.

Green is the colour!

Getting ready for action.

It was certainly a tight game at halftime…

A legend of the game was out meeting fans over the weekend.

Out and about in Killarney.

The players were allowed celebrate their victory on Saturday night.

The was a great atmosphere in Killarney on the day.

The old rivals went head to head at the weekend.

Congratulations to the Kerry team!

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