PHOTOS AND QUOTES: “This Team Is Good Enough To Dominate For A Couple Of Years”

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Gavin O’Connor spoke to the Stacks players, manager and club chairman immediately after their Munster Club final win against The Nire at Pairc Ui Chaoimh on Sunday. Here’s what they had to say…(scroll down to the end for more action photos from the game)


Austin Stacks manager Stephen Stack embraces Darragh Long after the game. Photo by Dermot Crean

Stephen Stack – Manager

“I said to my players going out, do not have any regrets, do not not come back in here with regrets.

In the dressing room at half time we acknowledged we had a poor start, we said we had to try and make good decisions on the ball in the second half.

We had to to keep very tight at the back and not allow their inside forwards to get in room or scores, not to give cheap frees away  and not to give the ball away, the ball must be like gold in Fort Knox.

We put Shane O’Callaghan, in as a target man, because we wanted Kieran [Donaghy], out around the middle to give us a little of stability and leadership.

I thought Donaghy was magnificent today, I don’t normally pick players out. The whole lot of them were.”



Wayne Guthrie in action on Sunday. Photo by Dermot Crean

Wayne Guthrie – Midfielder

“It was tough at the start when we went down to 14 men, but the feeling now is indescribable, we’re Munster champions! At the start of the year I didn’t think we would get this far.

We weren’t worried when, Shane [Carroll] got sent off. I thought it was a bit harsh, but as soon as it happened, everyone started talking to each other. We said ‘next ball, the sending off means nothing, let’s drive it on’.”



Darragh Long enters the fray on Sunday. Photo by Dermot Crean

Darragh Long – Forward

“There is a couple of fellas I played with in the start of my career, like Pa Laide, who always had a couple of medals over me, so this is one medal I can dangle in front of him (laughs)!”

This club is too big to not win big finals every few years. This team is good enough to go on and dominate for a couple of years.

We’ll enjoy the night and we’ll enjoy Christmas, we always look forward, so the semi-final is a carrot to put in front of us for a couple of months time.

From meeting up this morning there was a feeling that this team was not going to be beaten today. We could have went down to 13 men and it wouldn’t have made a difference.”


Daniel Bohane and Kieran Donaghy look a bit happy on Sunday after the game. Photo by Dermot Crean

Aidan O’Connor – Club Chairman

“After winning the county championship, from here on everything is a bonus. Right now we’re looking forward to a very good Christmas.

I’d have to confess, when we went a man down we were very concerned. But this team has showed amazing energy and it takes great teams to do what they did and they are certanly that.”

Scroll down for action shots…

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The Austin Stacks players line up for the team shot. Photo by Dermot Crean


Shane O’Callaghan scores Austin Stacks’ first goal. Photo by Dermot Crean


“C’mon!”…David Mannix celebrates scoring Austin Stacks’ second goal. Photo by Dermot Crean


Greg Horan’s shot on goal is foot blocked by The Nire’s keeper. Photo by Dermot Crean


Pa McCarthy shoots…


…and scores the vital second half penalty. Photos by Dermot Crean


Fiachna Mangan shoots for the all-important insurance point to send the Stacks four points up. Photo by Dermot Crean


Man of the match, Shane O’Callaghan keeps his eyes on the ball. Photo by Dermot Crean


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