PHOTOS: Tralee School Gets Going For Its Active School Week

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Students from CBS Primary School enjoying ‘Active Schools Week’.

ONE local school been getting the most out of the weather this week by getting its pupils up and out and getting active.

CBS Primary School in Clounalour is currently taking part in their ‘Active Schools Week’ initiative where both staff and pupils look to get healthy by engaging in various forms of exercise.

The school is currently trying to obtain their ‘Active Flag’ which recognizes a school that excels in physical and sporting activities. They have been holding a number of activities in the school throughout the week in an effort to gain this.

The children have been engaging well with the activities which have included yoga classes in the hall, organised walks for the older classes, hurling lessons in the field under the watchful eye of qualified coaches and not to mention the plan to run over 25km over the course of the week!

All classes have been taking turns to run the distance around our field, which has been marked out in meters from 25 -500 and so all the distances will be added up at the end of the week to see how far they have run.

There was a ‘Parents Walk’ that was held yesterday, with them also being involved at home as they look to complete the kids ‘healthy homework’ with them such as riding a bike, go for a run or just generally get out and about.

Judging by the photos below, the week has been a massive success.

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Pupils from CBS Primary enjoying ‘Active Schools Week.

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Pupils from CBS Primary enjoying ‘Active Schools Week.


Pupils from CBS Primary enjoying ‘Active Schools Week.


Pupils from CBS Primary enjoying ‘Active Schools Week.


Pupils from CBS Primary enjoying ‘Active Schools Week.


Pupils from CBS Primary enjoying ‘Active Schools Week.

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