PHOTOS: What If Barack Obama Really Did Come For The Rose Of Tralee Festival?

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Our Rose Of Tralee, Maria Walsh, used her invitation to the White House on St Patrick’s Day as an opportunity to invite the US President to Tralee to the Festival. What if he took up the offer. Here’s a few suggestions for Mr Obama..

1. The obvious first port of call…

obama 2

Welcome to Tralee Barack!

Barack Obama Plaza eat your heart out! Long before Moneygall got in on the act, our local authorities showed great prescience many moons ago by naming a famous lane way in the town after the future US President (even if they got the spelling wrong!).

He’d have to pay a visit and maybe go for a bite in Darcy’s.

Continued below…

CH Lancome insert

2. A visit to the ‘Bazaar’…

Obama 1

A trip to Birds would do him a power of good.


Birds Amusements would take his mind off the job at home. His mind would be a million miles from the Middle East on the big wheel, a ride on the waltzer could distract him from ‘Obamacare’ criticism.

He could win a teddy for Michelle by firing a few darts and get candy floss for the kids.

Continued below…

Friendtex insert 1

3. Take centre stage at the parade…


He could lead the Parade?


While he’d hardly want to upstage the Roses, Barack could lead the parade in front of one of the US marching bands that come over for the festival.

After taking in the atmosphere he could then head off for a street burger and a few pints in the Square.


A pint in the Square?


4. Join the Born To Run club for the Rose 10k…


He a great man for fitness.


He’s a fit lad is Barack. He could get up on the Sunday morning and become an honorary member of the local Born to Run Club for the Rose of Tralee 10k Run. He could even dress up as an escort for it!

5. Serenade the new Rose of Tralee for Midnight Madness…


Midnight madness would be right up his street.


With all those inaugurations, July 4 celebrations and Presidential debates, Obama’s used to fireworks. He’s also been known to knock out a few tunes when the occasion demands, so the Festival finale would be right up his street.

I don’t know about singing the ‘Rose of Tralee’, but he’s a fair man for the blues music (see below)

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