PHOTOS: Wool You Believe It? Twins Begin Schooldays In Moyderwell

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Moyderwell 2nd Class Mr. Griffin's

Moyderwell 2nd Class pupils with teacher Mr. Griffin and his twin lambs Billy and Bailey (as christened by the pupils).

PUPILS of Moyderwell Mercy Primary gave a huge welcome to two new ‘students’ who enrolled for the day at the school on Wednesday.

Great excitement filled the school with the arrival of twin lambs who are just nine days old from teacher, Mr Denis Griffin’s family farm in Clahane.

They began their day in Junior Infants but they learned quickly and made their way up along the school until they reached 6th class. They wished to stay a little longer with their owner Mr. Griffin in 2nd class where they learned about tens and units.

The boys and girls of 2nd class used FaceTime on their school ipads to see ‘Mommy Sheep’ at home on the farm. Everyone enjoyed the experience and the lambs who were named Billy and Bailey by the children went home to their ‘Mommy’ at 2.40pm.

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Moyderwell 2nd Class - Mr. Griffin's Class

Moyderwell 2nd class pupils with the twins.

Moyderwell Reuben Wall-Griffin & Eoghan Costelloe Mrs. Murphy's

Moyderwell pupils Reuben Wall-Griffin and Eoghan Costelloe from Mrs. Murphy’s class.

Moyderwell Donncha Hartnett & Ellie O' Rahilly - Ms. Coughlans Senior Infants.

Moyderwell pupils Donncha Hartnett and Ellie O’ Rahilly from Ms. Coughlans Senior Infants with the twins.





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