Planning Lodged For Diving Boards In Fenit

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RESTORE Fenit Diving Boards Campaign (RFDBC) committee has applied to Kerry County Council for planning permission for the construction of new diving boards at the Bathing Slip in Fenit.

The planning application was lodged in the name of Fenit Development Association of which the RFDBC committee is an accredited subcommittee, tasked with bringing the project to completion.

“Since the project was given the full backing of Kerry County Council at a meeting between the sides, we have been busy finalising the design with due regard to local tidal and weather conditions,” said Billy Ryle, in a statement on behalf of RFDBC.

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“The project was also designed to meet the standards and safety requirements of Kerry County Council and Irish Water Safety. The project is completely community based, so the entire cost of the work is being met by grant aid and local contribution. We are confident that the required funding will be in place when required. The new diving boards will be an entirely public free-to-use aqua-sports facility and will include disability access.”

“We are confident that the application will travel trouble free through the planning process and we are hoping to have good news for the huge crowd that will gather on Christmas morning for Fenit’s annual Christmas Day swim. We intend to begin construction work on the site as soon as possible after planning permission has been granted.”

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  1. Matty O'Leary says:

    The Diving Boards look like they will be great fun!

    I only wish the swimmers would use the changing rooms as it gets a bit weird for passers by when someone is trying discretely to take off their wet suit in the a car park?
    Maybe Kerry County Council should have consulted the swimmers where to locate the changing rooms, obviously a bit closer to the car park and not too far away for the car park to make better use of the facilities!

    Maybe a couple of changing lovely colourful wooden changing room cabins could be put over by the shower area with the lifeguard cabin on a seasonal basis for the swimmers!