Poshey To Take Up 5k A Day Fundraiser To Promote Positive Mental Health

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Elma Walsh and Colin 'Poshey' Ahern launching the 5k A Day challenge.

Elma Walsh and Colin ‘Poshey’ Ahern launching the 5k A Day challenge.

WHILE many people will be starting their new health regime at the beginning of next month, why not combine it with this great fundraiser.

Mental health awareness campaigner, Colin ‘Poshey’ Aherne has set himself a new challenge and he wants as many people as possible to join in.

He intends to run 5k A Day for January, donating €1 for each run to total €31 for the month.

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“As many  people know, I try my best to promote positive mental health,” said Poshey. “I saw this ‘5k a day’ by Vincent O’Leary from Kerry Crusaders who does it in December so I said I’d love to do it in January and raise awareness about positive mental health and the effects of exercise on a person’s mental health.”

“It helps,” he continued. “Why do you think after people exercise they feel great? During the experience the body releases the happy hormones and makes you feel good. Imagine giving your body that feeling a few days a week? It works as personally it helped my mental health and my Born To Run running crew friends says it’s helps. When I’m having a bad day, I put on the running shoes and run my worries away.”

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Poshey extended his thanks to Elma Walsh from the Donal Walsh foundation who is offering everyone who completes the 31 day Challenge and donates €31, a free Donal Walsh #livelife top.

Also, the second charity Poshey is running for is Jigsaw Kerry and they also have limited number of running tops which can be collected in Jigsaw Kerry in Tralee.

“I hope people get involved. You can even walk the 5k a day it’s a not a race it’s about being active and start off 2017 in positive mind and start are you mean to go on,” he said.

Elma Walsh is also doing the 31 day Challenge, as well as staff from Jigsaw Kerry. For more details on the 5 A Day challenge, go their Facebook page here or go to the gofundme page here

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