Public Invited To Give Views On How Pedestrianisation Of The Mall Is Working

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IT’S been in place since last November and now the public is being invited to share their opinions on how it’s working.

The Tralee Municipal District is inviting submissions from members of the public as part of a review of the part-pedestrianisation of The Mall in Tralee.

Since December 2017, following significant investment in Tralee Town Centre under the Active Travel Project, The Mall had been closed to traffic between the hours of 10.30am and 6.00pm, seven days a week.

At the time the pedestrianisation was introduced, Kerry County Council committed to reviewing the matter after nine months and to invite feedback from the community on how the system was working.

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Kerry County Council are now encouraging everyone — businesses and the general public — to have their say on how well the pedestrianisation is operating.

Mayor of Tralee, Cllr Graham Spring said: “When we voted last November to introduce the current system of pedestrianisation on the Mall, we made a firm commitment to review it after nine months to assess the impact on motorists, pedestrians, shoppers and businesses. Now we would like to hear what the people of Tralee and further afield think.

“This is an informal consultation with the public but I hope that people will engage with it before we decide on the future pedestrianisation system which might apply in The Mall,” he said.

Anyone with a submission, comment or observation should e-mail using ‘The Mall’ in the message line or write to the Tralee Municipal District Officer, Tralee Municipal District, Princes’ Quay, Tralee before the deadline of Friday, 28 September 2018.


  1. I Think it was a great thing to do ; it’s safe for for Children and for Mother with young Children in prams. The Mall is a lovely place to meet up and have a chat with your Friends . Meeting people is a big thing for people every day or even if it’s only to collet your pension , the Summer was lovely and sitting in the mall our side penny was beautiful it was like beening in Spain . So well dune to all in Kerrycouncal . Keep up the good work for our lovely Town .

  2. Matty O'Leary says:

    As a pedestrian and a driver, I can not only fault the current system. But, I must compliment the planners on this one.

    As a pedestrian, I can walk around the mall in a relaxing community atmosphere shopping – it works better as a commercial space.

    As a driver, I can access the mall in off peak periods and I do. But, having Denny Street in operation as a two way system – I don’t miss the full access to the mall as it is a very short diversion and most times I prefer to use Denny Street anyway.

    Keep this great system – it works well.

  3. ” review it after nine months to assess the impact on motorists, pedestrians, shoppers and businesses” and if the review is negative will more millions be spent on ripping the whole lot up. For the record, I was never keen as it means less parking in town.