Public Toilets In Fenit To Stay Open Longer Off-Season…But Not By Much!

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Cllr Norma Foley.

FENIT is a place visited all year round by tourists and people from Tralee its local environs, thanks to the attraction of the beach and beautiful walks.

A local councillor recognised this and called on the local authority to keep the public toilets in the village open there all year long.

Cllr Norma Foley put forward the motion at the meeting of the Tralee Municipal District on Monday that the public toilets in the village should stay open all year round due to the demand.

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This year, the toilets were open from March 16 to October 8, at weekends during the winter and for two weeks during Christmas.

In reply the Council decided that, after a review, they would open from March 15 to the end of October – an extension of about three weeks.

Cllr Foley, while welcoming the small extension, said the demand was there for the toilets to be open all year round and enquired whether it was an issue of cost. In reply, the Cllr was told that that was the major factor, but also the inactivity in the area at certain times during the winter.

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