Ray Flavin Thanks Public For Outpouring Of Support

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THE Ballybunion man who is fighting to keep his family home from repossession by the banks has thanked the public for donating over €40,000 to a gofundme page set up by his friends.

It comes as Deputy Martin Ferris of Sinn Fein brought up the Flavin’s case in the Dail this morning.

Ray Flavin has been overwhelmed with the reaction to his family’s plight, which was detailed in The Journal.ie’s story here.

The total has reached over €40,000 in less than two days, over €30,000 raised since this morning up to 4pm.

Ray Flavin issued this statement on the Gofundme page this afternoon:

“On behalf of my family Aoife 17 yrs., Caoimhe 11yrs, Oisin 6yrs, and the Twins Fiachra & Branagh 4yrs, we are truly humbled and cannot describe the help and support of the Hub – Ireland, Gary Mathews, and Michelle of the Journal.ie

I became aware of the gofundme account this morning with David Walsh called me at 9am this morning and told me it had reached 9,000 Euros, at 2pm today he call me back to tell me it had surpassed 30,000 Euros – thank you Brian Fouhy & Niall McMahon.

I was living in fear and afraid to tell my wife and family including my Mom and Dad that I could no longer support my family due to the accident of a bus falling on me and broke / bust seven discs in my spine. I will never again hold a cup of tea in my right hand never mind hold my kids when crying when they miss their mother like I do – my darling Patricia.

I can only hope and pray that somebody reading this story will come and seek the help starting with the Hub – Ireland who have groups all over the Country only a phone call away – that anybody reading my story would be brave enough to seek the help they need.

We can never get my darling wife Patricia back who I depended on with my life but thanks to your support through these trouble times I will be there for our children. Thank you all sincerely

Raymond Flavin”

Meanwhile Martin Ferris, called on the Government to protect the family from having their home repossessed.

Speaking in the Dail he said: “In 2016 they received an eviction notice and repossession order from Bank of Ireland. Then, in February of this year they received an apology from the bank, despite this apology the bank continue to proceed with the repossession proceedings. I am asking you Minister, will you and your government ensure that the Mortgage Special Courts Bill and the Mortgage Arrears Bill be fast tracked and will you also ensure that the family of Trish Flavin are not evicted.”

Deputy Ferris said he and his party will stand with the Flavin family in their battle with the banks.

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