Recovery Haven Asks People To Take On ‘Challenge32’ Fundraiser

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CANCER Support charity Recovery Haven Kerry is calling on the public to get involved in its new Challenge32 initiative, organised by fundraising platform Just Giving.

The idea is simple and open to adults and children alike, of all abilities. All you need to do is think of an activity or challenge, based around the numbers 32 or 3.2 and complete it on or from June 20th.

Everything counts – from drawing 32 things, baking 32 cupcakes, doing 32 jumping jacks or juggling for 32 minutes! You can even run or walk 32 miles if you want.

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Once you have completed your challenge you are asked to make a donation, however big or small, to Recovery Haven Kerry’s fundraising link (click here) on their Facebook page.

To get as many people involved as possible, the team at Recovery Haven Kerry is asking those signing up to post their challenge on their own social media and tag the charity, as well as three more friends or family members who they would like to nominate to take part.

“Because all our fundraising has all but halted because of Covid19, we are actively looking for new and exciting ways to help raise some much needed funds, so we love this idea organised by Just Giving,” said Marisa Reidy, Recovery Haven Kerry PR& Marketing Officer.

“As you can imagine, we are facing huge challenges in terms of fundraising with all our activities put on hold or cancelled altogether, so we would love families and friends to get involved in this fun initiative. We love too that anything goes, once it revolves around the number 32, so the options are endless. So we would be hugely grateful if people got their thinking caps on and go involved”

The link to donate, as well as other novel ideas on how to get involved, is currently available on the Recovery Haven Kerry Facebook page.

Meanwhile, Recovery Haven Kerry is still offering phone support and counselling to those suffering from cancer and their families, as staff put plans in place for a gradual reopening. If you need to get in touch please contact 066 7192122.

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