Ref Admits He Didn’t See Vital Incident In Kerry v Dublin Semi-Final

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Kevin McManamon’s frontal shoulder on Peter Crowley.

SO he didn’t see it after all.

While the events of last Saturday’s Kerry v Dublin clash continue to be analysed, the referee in the side’s previous encounter has shed light on a major incident in that game.

Peter Crowley was taken out of it in the closing stages of the All-Ireland semi-final around 45 yards from the Dublin goal. No free was given, the ball went straight up to Diarmaid Connolly who slotted the ball over the bar. Dublin two points up. Game over.

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We ran a story the day after the game which speculated that David Gough’s line of vision was blocked by a Dublin player and it may have been the case he didn’t see it (click here).

Frame by frame of the Kevin McMenamon tackle on Peter Crowley in last year’s Kerry v Dublin All-Ireland semi-final. The ref’s line of vision is blocked by a Dublin player.

Well in a radio interview with LMFM, Gough has admitted just that.

“Michael Fitzsimons, the Dublin corner-back, had come on that day and he had just crossed my line of vision,” said Gough.

“I knew an impact had happened and the ball spilled. I didn’t know whether it was a proper charge or not, but I couldn’t call it because I didn’t see it. Unfortunately, as Peter Crowley was getting up off the ground, the man he was marking, Diarmuid Connolly, was putting that insurance point over the bar and I could understand why Kerry people would be quite frustrated but what I would like them to realise is I just didn’t see it.”

Little consolation now of course to Kerry supporters!


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