Report That Fels Point Hotel Will Be Sold To Rose Of Tralee Company Within Days

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The Fels Point Hotel on Dan Spring Road

THE Rose of Tralee company is expected to finalise the purchase of the Fels Point Hotel from NAMA according to a report in today’s edition of The Kerryman.

The paper reports that NAMA have named the Rose of Tralee’s offer as their preferred choice and a €4m deal should be done in the coming days.

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After the sale of Fels Point is completed, the Rose of Tralee is expected advance its long-held plans to build a permanent ‘Rose Dome’ event centre on the large site across from the hotel.

Back in October it was announced that NAMA were selling Fels Point along with numerous other hotels around the country. Shortly after, the Rose of Tralee, announced they were entering the bidding process.

The Rose of Tralee company has made no comment on how the bid has advanced.


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