Rock Street/Connolly Park Junction To Be Upgraded Before New Housing Estate Is Occupied

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The junction at Connolly Park/Rock Street which is to be upgraded before a 28 unit housing estate is completed.

THE busy junction connecting Connolly Park with Rock Street is to be upgraded before a 28 unit social housing development nearby is occupied.

Councillors unanimously approved the construction of the estate, which will be located in the lands behind Scoil Eoin Primary School, adjacent to Stacks Villas and south of Connolly Park, at the meeting of Tralee Municipal District on Monday.

The estate will consist of four one-bed apartments, 12 two-bed two-storey houses and 12 three-bed two-storey houses at Balloonagh on a 1.14-hectare greenfield site.

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Access to the estate will be from an entrance in Connolly Park as alternative access was not possible to secure according to the Council. Submissions were made expressing concerns about traffic and safety issues in the Connolly Park area.

The green area where the new estate will be located.

The area is already used as a drop-off point by parents where pupils can use a short-cut to Scoil Eoin and some residents fear the new estate will only increase this activity.

Senior Engineer Tom Sheehy said that a condition of the planning permission is that no unit in the estate will be occupied until the junction at Connolly Park/Rock Street is upgraded.

Kerry County Council also intends to provide a set-down area adjacent to the carriageway to accommodate drop-offs and collections.

Councillors welcomed new social housing for Tralee, but requested more details about the upgrades to the junction at the next meeting of the Tralee Municipal District.


  1. anthony moriarty says:

    Maybe the council might make an honest statement on the numerous objections by stacks villas and Connolly park residents that were left unopened as the person in charge was on holidays .
    Surprise surprise was it Cila Black used say.
    Dermot maybe tomorrow at 2.30 you’ll see for yourself as we will be meeting to talk as a group of residents to show the carnage that is already in our estate and how the councilers who we met with our issues voted unanimously for the go-ahead of this proposed venture

  2. Matty O'Leary says:

    Good for Anthony Moriarty, for speaking out and telling us what really happened.

    Kerry County Council and the councillor are going ahead regardless…..the stacks villas and Connolly park residents will in reality have no choice.
    So called western democracy in action again.