Roger Harty: Gratitude And The Energy Within Us

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rsz_roger_hartyIN the last article I wrote of the benefit of gratitude and why it works (read it here).

I want to write more on this subject as this is the keystone to true happiness – that is how important gratitude is and it will not only improve our own lives individually but it is absolutely essential for global peace and the survival of mankind.

Every single cell in our body (and there are millions of them!) is a piece of energy and thus has a vibrational energy frequency.

There is nothing unusual about this as for e.g. Sound and Light are both energy and also have an energy frequency.

Our thoughts are energy and they communicate energetically with the cells of our body and thus cause our cells to vibrate accordingly.

If our thoughts are positive in nature then obviously our cells will vibrate with positive energy and the corollary is also true – if our thoughts are negative in nature then our cells will vibrate with negative energy.

We must be very careful here as to how we assess a situation. What is positive and what is negative? There are many examples of how a perceived difficult situation can turn out to be the best thing that ever happened to us.

I am currently training for the Ring of Kerry cycle and may regard cycling over hills as difficult but If I change my attitude and regard the hills as being a most important and beneficial part of my training I know that come the Ring of Kerry Cycle I will be grateful for the hill training as I approach Moll’s Gap hill outside Killarney.

In this situation I have turned a negative into a positive (internal alchemy!) There is a very good short video on Youtube about this called ‘Welcome The Rain’ (click here).

It is also important to appreciate that each of our cells has a memory in its own right. This can be called cellular intelligence or is often referred to as emotional intelligence, where our body will always decide what is best for us when left to its own devices.

A clear example of this is the scenario whereby if you cut your hand your body will begin the healing process instantaneously.

There is a scurry of instant messages from the brain to urgently send to the hand whatever is required – red blood cells, white blood cells, albumin, serum etc and the exact location as to where the ‘help’ is to be sent.

When we appreciate the power of our own body with deep gratitude we come to realise that there is a ‘miracle’ going on in our own bodies.

Even the most sophisticated computer in the whole world could not heal us as well as our own body’s can –wow!

After a while, a scar is formed and within about two weeks, in most cases, the wound is practically invisible. For our cells to do this they must act out of cellular memory (intelligence).

Once we come to realise this we then come to realise how important it is to send good positive messages to our body particularly in difficult times i.e. Gratitude for the Moment.

So in short we should train our bodies to live in the moment and fill our bodies with carefully selected positive thoughts which will inevitably result in good energy vibration. This is the secret behind the film ‘The Secret’!

Next week I will be talking about the importance of ‘Acceptance’.

• Roger Harty is a life coach and can be contacted on 087-6128336, on twitter at @Innerjoyz1 or by email 


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