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THE essence of the article I am writing here is to demonstrate how life has changed immensely in this world (especially in the world of communication) over a relatively short period of time.

Let’s give the farmer a name – say Padraig and his wife Peig. They have three young children. Timeframe – circa 1930’s.

Village – Ballyferriter (it could be any rural village.)

They have a small farm with say 10 cows a few pigs, hens and also a few acres of tillage land.

I suppose the image I am trying to create here is one of a small hardworking household where most of their day was occupied with their duties on the farm hold.

Tending to the cows and land and generally a simple subsistence style of living from day to day.

The only means of transport back in those days was by horse and trap and perhaps bicycle so communication with the outside world was very limited.

This was the way life was for thousands of people in rural Ireland if they were lucky.

Peig has a sister living in Caherciveen, 60 miles away and she would come to visit by bicycle once a year during the summer months. She would give about two months advance notice by letter of her impending visit and she would stay for about a week.

The cycle took her 3 days and much of the news that she brought with her was news from her journey through Killorglin, Tralee, Dingle and all the villages scattered between.

The news from this journey was greeted with much anticipation and excitement as to be honest other than this there was very little communication with the outside world.

The only other communication was with the local farmers with local stories and then communicating with the sounds and smells of rural life.

It sounds like a life of contentment, but basically that was all that they had and they knew no better.

Padraig and Peig worked hard to rear their children and ultimately that was all that occupied their attention.

Yes, there were wars and atrocities happening around the world, but as a general rule they didn’t know about them and as the saying goes  ‘what you don’t know can’t worry you’.

Contrast that style of living then with the type of communication that exists in our modern world.

Through the medium of television, radio, internet, computers, laptops, tablets and smartphones, we can know what is happening on the other side of the world within thirty seconds of the event happening.

Every news channel is fighting for our ears and attention with the latest gossip or atrocitiy.  They are all vying for our attention and we are waiting eagerly for the latest addition of news.

This phenomenon of excessive communication (99% of the stuff that has no impact on our daily lives) has happened in my view over a relatively short period of time in evolutionary terms i.e  80 years.

I feel there is too much information being absorbed by our bodies to cope with.  Our bodies are unable to process this excess which can only be detrimental in the long term to our general wellbeing.

The lifestyle that Padraig, Peig and their family lived had more or less been unchanged for thousands of years. It’s a case of ‘Less is More’.

• Next week I am going to write about — FOMO


  1. Matty O'Leary says:

    ‘Less is More’ or ignorance is bliss!

    I disagree with you Roger Harty.
    Thank God, there is are alternative media sources that are uncensored for now. what’s happening in South Africa for now and Europe and North America soon!

    Liberal left controlled mainstream media would love to censor conservative alternative media and have us ignorant like so called Padraig, Peig and their family.
    I want this overload of information to know what happens to our white people living in South Africa, as I am white too and want to see how other races treat whites as a minority. After all white people have put in place all sorts of laws to protect so called minorities in their lands. I think Padraig, Peig and their family would be interested too if possible.

    Suppressed History of South Africa – ROBERT SEPEHR:

    The History of South Africa (3000BC – 1879AD) – with Armchair Historian!:

    White South African farmers say they’re living in fear:

    South Africa’s Farm Murders: Jeanine’s Story:

    25% Of White South Africans Are Now Living In Poverty:

    The fact of the matter is that the Bantu people are more recent arrivals to the South African Cape than the Boars? The Boars, bartered, traded for land with the San and Khoikhoi, while the Bantu defeated and expelled them from the San and Khoikhoi – so, how do today Bantu descendant black peoples think Boar or white people took their land from them? Now, that’s not only modern left politically correct ignorance but, historically inaccurate.
    It’s a racist (anti-white) and left wing communist agenda by a black majority, which may result in a white minority genocide and may be just the beginning.

    All this information is not overwhelming my body. But, is informing my mind!
    I refuse to live in ignorant bliss like so many of my so called white race do.
    I find the polite of white South Africans very illuminating as to how I perceive my white children’s place in the world as a white race in minority from the year 2040.

    Global White Population to Plummet to a Single Digit:

    It’s all OK, the UN have a plan it is happen now in Europe –
    Replacement Migration Agenda (United Nations):

    Padraig, Peig and their family may be fine living in ignorant bliss. But, will their descendants who had the information and tools but failed to use it and also live in liberal left political correct ignorant bliss! LOL .

  2. Excellent!!

  3. Ed Harty (no relation) says:

    H’mm, ok…..

    That is one hell of a right wing rant.

    Since when has Kerry become the home of white supremacists?

    As someone from Kerry that has lived there & is familiar with the history I acknowledge Mr O’Leary has some valid points but these are drowned out by his hysteria which is a shame.