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I DISCOVERED this by accident a few years ago when I came across a sheet of paper with the formula written on it.

The funny thing about it is that the formula was never explained to me and that fact I now believe is part of its beauty. It explains itself! At least I believe it does!

In other words, its beauty is its simplicity and it is only in its application that one comes to appreciate it. The phrase ‘It is in doing we learn’ comes to mind.

Ok Roger – What is this magic formula?

It is — P + R = O

Potential + Resistance = Outcome

You see any good Life-Coach should tell you that your potential is unlimited, the problem is that perhaps you don’t realise it and if you don’t realise it you won’t appreciate it.

So for the sake of argument go with it – Our Potential is unlimited and that is represented in the above formula by a big ‘P’.

The next part of the equation is the letter ‘R’ which stands for Resistance. The point here is that we can have all the Potential we want but if our Resistance to that Potential is higher then the Outcome ‘O’ (result) is going to be low.

p + R = o

If we show higher Resistance to our potential then don’t expect a high outcome (result).

However the real beauty of this is that if we look at the other side of the coin the formula is also true.

P + r = O

That is if we come to realise that out true Potential is unlimited and if we minimise out resistance (What we tell ourselves) then our outcome success can as such be unlimited.

P +   r  =      O

In a nutshell the key for success in life or in anything that we do is to be aware of the above formula and to apply it to the best of our ability.

Knowledge is only information unless it is applied. If it is applied it becomes power.

• Next week I am going to write about — If You’re Explaining You’re Losing

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